Sunday, November 22, 2009

ToW mATer cAKe

So this past weekend my father in law celebrated his birthday and I wanted to surprise him with a cool birthday cake.

Since he had been in the towing business for years and owned his own towing company I thought I would make him the very popular Tow Mater. I had a lot of fun doing this cake and it was a lot less time consuming than making a fondant cake.

I ended up using two small square pans and then just carved them to look like a tow truck. I used Fugee-O's for the wheels, smarties for the lights, Oreo sippers for the hoist, a Reece cup for the air filter and little Reece peanut butter bars for the front grill and bumper. Oh and I can't forget Chicklets for Mater's teeth.

My father in law loved the cake so it was a success. Next is my husbands birthday....I'll have to get thinking of something that will top a DQ ice cream cake


  1. Do u have a photo of the back of this cake? I would love to see how to do it. And what is the string coming out of the tow hitch?

  2. I couldnt figure out how to leave my name sorry. I'm the anonymous person asking for the back of the cake. My name is michelle rogers. email is Can u write me and tell me how to make this cake. My son will be one in a few months and he loves Mater. This is the best cake I've seen and I would love to make his birthday super special with this cake. Thank u so very much.

  3. what color icings was used im doing the similar cake for my 2 yr old birthday


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