Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello to my lovely readers. I just wanted to take a minute out of my crazy busy week to tell you that I'm doing my first giveaway. It's exclusively for my FACEBOOK fans so if you want to get in on the action click here Im going to be giving away one of my crayon cozys to one lucky lady. It will be custom made in the colours you choose with your childs name on it as well. So if you would like to enter simply leave me a comment under my facebook post on my facebook page. You have until Sunday to do so. I'll pick the winner using a random generator tool online. Thanks girls and good luck!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Digi Scrapbooking Made Easy

I had to share this gem of a website with you called
It's a digital scrapbook site that is so darn easy to use you will be banging off amazing scrapbook pages in no time. They actually call it home of the 7 minute scrapbook page. I don't know about you ladies but it takes me a long time to complete one scrapbook page when doing it with paper. And by the time I develop my pics and start my page, I'm already bored and broke. This is just pick your template, drag and drop your pics and write a small journal entry if you please. Also if you join their facebook page they often have discount codes for up to 25% off your order.

Here are some pics from their gallery

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easy Framed Silhouettes

I've seen sillouettes made all over bloggy world so I decided to make two for myself. One of my little girl and one of my fur baby, Derby. They are super easy to make, they look awesome and would be a wonderful gift for Grandma for Mother's Day next month. Both of Ashtyn's Grandma's received a sillouette for Valentines Day and they loved them.

Here is what you will need

A side profile picture of your subject
A frame...I bought mine at the dollar store
A piece of black cardstock paper
A piece of scrapbook paper of your choice.
Glue or double sided tape
Scissors or scalpal

Here is What you Do

1. Take a side profile picture of you subject(s) and print it in black and white on your computer in the size to fit your frame.

2. Cut out your printed silhouette using scissors or a scapal. I myself preferred using my scissors since they gave me a more accurate cut.

3. Once your silhouette is cut out use it to cut out another one onto black cardstock. This will be your good piece.
4. Now that the hard part is done all you have to do now is adhere your silhouette to a piece of scrapbook paper cut down to your frame insert size.

5. And you're done. Don't forget to put the subjects age somewhere on the frame whether it be the front or the back is up to you. Here's how mine turned out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TIPS FOR TOTS TUESDAY - Park Scavenger Hunt

Now that Spring is officially here, we're all looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy the outdoors with our children. Every year while teaching preschool I would take my class (accompanied with a parent) to our local park for a Scanvenger Hunt. It was free and fun and taught the children that there is more to a park then just the slides and swings. This activity is best done with children 3 and older, however, I've seen younger siblings on the field trips tag a long just fine.  

Here's What You Do
 Create a list of things to look for or activities to carry out at the park. Don't forget to include play time on the play equipment or else this activity will fail. Think of it like walking into a coffee shop only to smell the aroma but not being able to buy a yummy drink.

 Now your list will depend on the park you visit. The next time you visit the park look around for things you can add to your list.

Here are some examples we used on our fieldtrip. We stapled our list to a brown paper bag and gave a bag to each child. If you would prefer to leave the objects at the park then just scrap the bag and bring a list and crayon to mark your progress.

Find a smooth rock
Find a rough rock
Go down the red slide three times
Find a leaf bigger than your hand
Find 3 pinecones
Count all the swings in the park
Count the baby ducks
Find a twig on the ground, where do twigs come from?
Find a flower, what colour is the flower?
Look for a bug of any kind, what is that bug doing?

Not only does this activity teach a child that a park is a home to many animals and birds, it also promotes language and conversation between you and your child. Be sure to ask them questions and describe as much as they can understand as you go along.

Don't worry if you only get through half your list. This is meant to be fun and non stressful for you and your child. You can always finish your list another day. 

* Bring along a camera and take pictures as you go. You and your child can then make a nature book together at home using the pictures from the park.

* Provide your child with a magnifying glass to take a closer look at their findings from the park at home.

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