Sunday, November 29, 2009

MOMMY JEWELRY...a site worth checking out

My girlfriend recently found this company's ad in the back of an US weekly magazine and ordered a pendant from there with her son's name and birthdate on it. The company is called Mommy Jewelry. It turned out great and it's something she can proudly wear to celebrate the love of her son. I checked out the website today and was surprised to find that they have lots of different designs to choose from at very reasonable prices. They also offer their jewelry in both sterling silver or gold to accommodate anyones price range. I thought I would share this great site with you. Hey ladies perhaps it's something we can put on our Christmas wish lists. I wouldn't mind a round pendant with my daughters first initial on it (just in case my hubby happens to read my blog...he he). I also noticed today while thumbing through my old People magazine that Nicole Richie wears a gold pendant exactly like the picture below, to represet her daughter Harlow.

I looked it up and it costs $1250.00. Yikes!! So for those of us with champage taste on a beer budget, mommy jewelry might just be what we were looking for.

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