Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After months of planning, the event we had been waiting for the whole year had finally arrived. Our little Bean's 1st Birthday. Of course being the cRaFty mommy I am, I immediately got down to business to perfect every little detail of the day. In a blink of an eye the day was done and the memories were made. Can you believe I'm already thinking of next years theme? Lets get through Christmas first.

Ashtyn's Marshmallow Fondant Cake. I made the top tier as her smash cake. She loved it. SuGaR overload I'm sure on her little body but worth seeing her smile.

Guess the Jelly Belly's. The adults got in on it too and the closest guess won a bottle of Carolans!

I wanted something unique for our guests to sign so I decided to make Ashtyn an ABC'S of YOU book on It turned out really neat and the guests enjoyed flipping through it. Once again shutterfly comes out on top.

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  1. Congrats on your little baby reaching one! Everything looks good, I specially loved the idea of guessing the candies in the candy jar. Welcome to blogging, you will make lots of friends!

    Sweetly Sweet


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