Monday, December 6, 2010

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser {the cheap and shabby way}

While browsing through one of my favourite gift stores I came across one of those Mason jar soap dispensers with a $30 price tag....ouch.
Yea sure it looked all professionally done and all but seriously 30 bucks.

Today I made one for my kitchen and bathroom...

Warning the DIY soap dispenser tutorial you are about to view is very shoddy. But it worked for me in a pinch and can work for you too saving you about ahhhh $29!!
Besides who sees the bottom of the soap lid anyways...

Grab yourself a mason jar and an old pump from a cream bottle or soap dispenser.
Take a pair of these babies...yup needle nose plyers and make a hole in the top of your lid.
Once you have a hole started make it big enough to fit your soap pump by rotating and pushing the plyers through....
You want your soap pump to fit in the hole snuggly so check for fit as you go.

On the underside of my lid I hammered down my metal pieces so they didnt stick out.
See I told you this was shabby...

Trim your pump at the bottom to fit your jar and voila...a Mason Jar soap dispenser!!


  1. This is my kind of craft! Cheap and fast! Love it. I am running to the storage room to get an old jar and pump right now!

  2. Awesome! Thank you!!!


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