Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This project has been on my to craft list for quite sometime and I finally tackled it with my left over 4x4 scraps from another project I'm working on....coming soon.

 These would make a great gift for the game lover in your family, which in my case would be my hubby.
I found this idea over at Shanty to Chic, but before you head over to read the tutorial I should mention that I had to improvise a little on my dice.

To my dismay I couldn't find the Ralph Lauren Smoke glaze that Shanty to Chic uses on most of their projects {apparently discontinued??}. Instead I used a medium brown stain {paint on then wipe off} 

On my edges I used this ink
If you don't have an electronic cutter to make the circles then use a craft punch. 

HaPpY CrAfTiN'

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  1. That is super cute! :) I wish I were a better wood worker! :)


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