Sunday, December 5, 2010


What is it about burlap that us crafters love....the texture, the colour?? All I can say is that I was a little shocked when I walked into the fabric store last week as the fifth customer buying burlap to make Christmas stockings.

Then to my dismay I was unable to get the shade of burlap I desired, however, I settled for the lighter cream colour to make these....


1. Lay your burlap down on a flat surface and fold over

2. Trace out the shape of your stocking using another stocking or eyeballing it
3. Before cutting pin the two pieces together

4. Then CUT

5. Sew around the edge of your stocking starting and ending about half an inch from the ends
{this is done so you can fray your stocking a bit once it's sewn and folded over}

If you choose fold the burlap over at the top to make a cuff....then sew on a hook with ribbon or twine so it can be hung
6. Using my Sure Cuts Alot software I printed out EST. and each family members year of birth onto vinyl.
7. Stencil using black acrylic paint. I use Ceramcoat from Michaels
I found my wooden letters at my local dollarstore and tied them on with twine.
In the end I was happy with the lighter burlap since I have so much darker brown in my house already.

**MeRRy ChRiStMaS**


  1. First of all, love the stockings! They're cute. I was a little surprised by *this* comment "What is it about burlap that us crafters love....the texture, the colour??" Am I the only person who hates working with burlap?! I hate the smell, the texture.. It actually makes me feel a little ill even thinking about touching it! lol

  2. Hey Cindi, thanks for visiting. Yes the smell and texture of burlap to touch is not the greatest I'll have to agree with you on that one, and the mess it leaves while working with it, is no fun either. I do however, like the look of it and enjoy decorating with it in some cases. Would I snuggle up with a burlap pillow?? Most definitely not!!

  3. LOVE them! they are so cute, thanks for sharing them what a great idea!

  4. What a great idea! We have a large family and need new stocking but I can't afford to pay 20 bucks per stocking during or right after Christmas time. Thank you for a great and creative idea! -Heather


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