Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Great Read mother in law has a wonderful talent...
...She is an amazing writer.

Her work has even made it into a few publications.

She recently wrote a fabulous Christmas poem starring herself and husband with my daughter Ashtyn and our Boston Terrier Derby.

Here is the link to her Christmas poem titled

It would REALLY make her day if you checked out her link and left her a comment!!

Thanks everyone!!


  1. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support...and your generous comments! I do love to arrange words!

  2. I have missed you sweet bloggy friend! Your comment was INCREDIBLY encouraging to me and I thank you for it. Thanks for peeking in and saying hi. It completely made my week! :)

  3. I given you an award! Check it out at my blog, The Crafter's Anonymous Club.


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