Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My little girls pants are always falling down. As cute as her little bum is I'm sorry but plumbers crack isnt a good look for her.

Here's the tutorial for the toddler belts I
made for Ashtyn.
You'll need some webbing, ribbon, D hooks (or velco) and a sewing machine.

1. Measure your child's waist over their clothing and add about three to four inches to that. This will be the length of your webbing.
My webbing length was 25 inches

For your ribbon measurement take the length of your webbing and add 5 inches.
My ribbon length was 30 inches.

2. Burn the edges of your webbing and ribbon to seal them. (This is a hard task for the cotton webbing since it turns it black. I just left it alone on my one belt and if the fraying gets bad on the one end I will add a little metal clip)

3. Sew the ribbon onto your webbing wrapping the ribbon around to the back on one end.

This is done so when the belt is looped through the D hooks, you will see the ribbon design and not the webbing colour. If your using velco instead of D hooks then only sew the ribbon on the front of the webbing.

4. Take two D hooks and feed them through one end of the webbing and sew.
**The D hooks are sewn on the end without the ribbon sewn on back**
5. To cover up the stitching I added a piece of ribbon with an embelishment like a button or flower.

Ribbon and webbing can be found in all colours so don't forget to make your little boy some belts too.

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