Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Storage Cupboard Turned Play Fridge

 I was going to build my daughter a play fridge to go with the kitchen set I made for her but I got lazy and took the easy way out. Here is what I did... I'm very happy with my results.
I found a little white storage shelf while shopping at Rona the other day ( Rona is a Canadian Home Depot basically). So I decided instead of sawing, sanding gluing and nailing, I would turn the basic little two shelf cupboard into a play fridge.

To give it that extra special touch I lined the shelves with drawer liner paper.....
I gave it a new fridge like handle....
And to cover the holes where the original handle would've gone I attached a little wooden magnetic board covered in fabric.

 Ashtyn loves her little fridge and in the end I saved myself time and money!!

To see my original post on how I made Ashtyn's stove and sink click HERE


  1. WOW! that's so fun!! Nice work

  2. Ashtyn's Grandma CherylOctober 28, 2010 at 7:32 PM

    Looks great, Lindsay. Ashtyn must love it!

  3. My husband's plan to build our youngest daughter a refrigerator for her kitchen fell through! I'm SO happy I found this project, heading to the store in just a bit! Thanks!


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