Friday, October 29, 2010


Looking for a last minute Halloween craft for the kids to do before the big day? Why not try this pumpkin patch marble craft. It's super easy, sorta messy(if you loose your marbles!!) and turns out really cute.

Oh and I would feel better just saying that little ones think marbles are candy so just keep an eye on little marble tasters. This is a great craft for a preschooler!!
* a pan with sides
* white and orange paper ( I use cardstock so it doesn't bend and get soggy) 
* green paint
* glue
* marbles
* a cup and spoon

Cut out some orange pumpkins
Put some marbles in a cup with a small amount of green paint.

Then plop the painted marbles onto the paper using the spoon.
For the fun part....roll the marbles all around in the pan and watch as they create a twisty, twirly, viney pumpkin patch. Be prepared for marbles to escape from the pan and roll across the floor if little ones get carried away with rolling. haha
Once the kids have rolled to their little hearts content get them to glue their pumpkins on the patch.

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