Monday, September 5, 2011


With our little guy set to arrive next month, I've been finishing off some goodies for his space which include this MoBiLe!!

Here are the supplies I used for my mobile...
the yellow rings are embroidery hoops and I purchased the pre cut wooden pieces from Michaels.

 I also used a dremmel tool to make holes in my wood to feed the string through and metal washers. (not pictured) 

Using good old Mod Podge I glued my scrapbook paper onto my wooden circle. Once it was dry I used my scalpal to trim off the excess paper.

I found these adhesive letters at Michaels. I thought they were kinda cool and they end up leaving light spots on the wall when the sun shines.

My mobile turned out how I envisioned and in the end cost me under $10 to make....bonus!!


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