Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I really should of done this many years ago but better late than never right? I guess you can say nesting got the best of me yesterday since I decided to tackle my gold fireplace surround.

I don't have pics of the process since I was in a hurry to just get it done, however, I'll share what I did with some before and afters.

Here is my fireplace BEFORE....warning blindness may occur when looking at the BRASS

1. Start by removing your brass surround pieces. If you're unable to remove them or it's too yucky outside to spray paint you can use Rust-oleums high heat brush on paint instead.

2. Take them outside and lightly sand the brass. The idea here is to rough up the smooth slick surface so the paint adheres better.

3. Wipe and dry your brass pieces.

4. Gather your protective equipment that should be used when spray painting....safety first people!! 
* protective eye wear
*long sleeve clothing

5. Cover your work surface with a drop cloth or cardboard. I wouldn't suggest plastic since your spray painted stuff will stick to it.

 Oh and spray paint outside in mild temperatures with no wind, unless you want the side of your house or your children spray painted in the process.

7. I used Rust-oleum's High Heat Spray Paint in black. It cost me a whopping 6 bucks from Home Depot.

8. Follow the directions on the spray paint can and start to paint your pieces.

Because the rain was on its way I only did two coats of spray paint where I probably would've done three of four....I'm obsessive like that.
Really a fireplace surround rarely gets touched so two is probably all you need.

9. Once your pieces are completely dry slap em back onto your fireplace and say goodbye to the 90's.


  1. What a difference! I totally have to do this at my house! Do you have to prime it?

  2. Nope no need to prime at all. I just sanded down my pieces a bit to rough them up so the paint had a rougher surface to adhere to.

    Here is another tutorial here. You will notice she didn't even sand....just painted over the brass.


  3. AMAZING! I just seen your post last night... and went out to the hardware store today and painted my brass pieces on my fireplace!
    It looks FANTASTIC!
    Thanks for the advice!

  4. I used the paint on rust oleum high heat paint and it's not sticking the brass. I even tried sanding it and I'm still having no luck. Any advice?

  5. did you do anything to clean the glass or think about spraying the glass a metallic color? My glass looks ugly too and not sure what to do about it.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! I redid my fireplace after reading this and it looks so much better!

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