Saturday, April 9, 2011


I've seen these beauties in a few gift stores around town with a hefty price tag attached to them. 

Purchasing one at $100 would mean my family wouldn't eat for a week so I decided to make my own....the cost you ask??
Under 10 BUCKS!!

I purchased an unfinished poster frame from the dollar store for $5 and painted it black.

I roughed up the edges with my sander
then stained it with my Mini Wax dark walnut stain.

I printed my vinyl letters on my Cricut machine and stuck them onto the front of my piece of plexi glass (this was the hardest part, getting them centred and straight).

Ok so it's not glass like the the big ticket frames but once you get it on your wall you could never tell the difference.

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  1. I've been drooling over signs like these too...way too expensive! Yours is beautiful!!!!

  2. I think yours is just as pretty! Anything Home Made is way better then store bought:) love it!!

  3. Turned out great! I love being able to use my Silhouette to cut vinyl to create projects like this! =)

  4. wow, you did an awesome job!!! looks like more than $100. so great!!!

  5. This is beautiful! I believe I will incorporation this project into a photo wall I am working on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. What a great idea! I had some pieces of smaller glass laying around my garage that I didn't know what to do with. But this gave me the idea to use scrap wood to make a frame and liquid nail glue them to the glass to make these great signs! Thanks for sharing!

    Sondra @ Country Style Accents

  7. I just moved to a new place and can't wait to decorate I think this would be a great project for me to place in my living room. Thanks for sharing

  8. you have a pretty room ,I would like to copy your design


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