Thursday, April 7, 2011


This project has been on my "to craft list" for a very long time. When my daughter showed an obsession for matchbox cars it gave me the nudge I needed to start working on her felt car mat.

My husband and I thought of all the places a town needed like a Tim Hortons Coffee shop and a Target..haha.  
I made a sketch on paper of how I wanted Ashtyn's town to look.
I used inkjet cotton sheets (from Michaels) to print off each business logo so Ashtyn could recognize each business.

This project was definitely a labour of love and it was sometimes tricky sewing the smaller pieces of felt. But all in all I'm happy with how it turned out and best of all Ashtyn is one happy customer.

TIP: if your pressed for time use a glue gun to affix your pieces onto your mat.

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  1. WOW Your car mat is awesome!! I have been looking for something simular for my little one but I'm not sure I'd have the patience for all the little pieces you've done! What a lucky little girl you have!

  2. I have plans to make my younger girls a play mat for their room (little town on one side, hopscotch on the other). Yours is super cute!

  3. amazing and I love it! Can I feature you? I have one I have been working on for ..oh..say 2 years- lol! Need to finish! I love yours!

  4. Wow! This is awesome! I've always thought about making one, but never thought it would work out. This one is so cute.

  5. This is SUPER Cute! Now, how to make something like that for my dinosaur obsessed wheels are turning! LOL

  6. This is Awesome. MY grandkiddo's would love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the felt car mat. My son had one similar when he was little...and he loved it.


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