Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vinyl Block Letters

Everytime my mom comes to visit me I prepare a craft for us to do during her stay. This visit we made vinyled block letters. Remember I'm on a huge vinyl kick right now after my Sure Cuts Along purchase. This craft is obviously fairly easy to make but here are my step by step directions and pics. Also can I just say that this project costs almost next to nothing to make once you have
some of the big costs out of the way...like the Cricut machine.

1. Purchase an unfinished 2 x 4 piece of wood from Home Depot or any other home improvement store. A huge piece cost me $2.

2. Cut your wood into desired heights. I wanted my blocks all sizes.

3. Sand your wood

4. Stain or paint your wood. We used black acrylic paint.

5. While your wood is drying choose the scrapbook paper for
your blocks. Note*** Instead of just cutting the paper for the blocks we ripped it with a ruler to create more of a rough, less perfect looking effect.

6. Once blocks are completely dry, sand the edges a bit to give them a worn distressed edge.

7. Using Mod Podge glue your scrapbook paper onto your blocks.

8. Almost Done!!! Put your vinyl letters on each block. And if you choose, you can embellish with buttons, ribbons etc. We used a button to dot the "i".

Here's how ours turned out!! Tomorrow I might start working on a set that says "Harvest" Or "Give Thanks".


  1. Love it! and what a great idea to keep your mom's hands busy with something. If it goes home with her she can "boast" on her beloved daughter and how amazingly talented she is. :)

    Popped in to tell you that you're a rock star and I got a tracking # and notice today for my Cricut that is headed to Beagle Run Cottage!! I had to fight 5 other bidders that drove up my price to $95 but got free shipping. I hope that is a good deal.

  2. FUN!
    I have wood blocks all cut and now just need to make them pretty! Thanks for the inspiration to get going on my projects :)

  3. I love your blocks! I would like to know what font you used...please tell!!!



  4. SO cute and such a great idea!! The possibilities are endless as to what you can do. I think that I may just try to do a set for my nursery. Thanks for the idea!!

  5. What were the size up cut the wood

    1. did you cut the letters yourself or did you buy them?

  6. Will you please share the wood heights and font styles? I want to make this at a ladies craft day I am hosting with my friends. Thanks so much!

  7. where do you get the vinyl letters

  8. Can the sure cuts along software be used with a cricut imagine?

    I just discovered your site-- Love it!


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