Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jazz up those Canisters!!

Last Christmas I got a Cricut....wahoo. A few days ago I purchased Sure Cuts A Lot software to use with my Cricut....double wahoo. After figuring it out and becoming familiar with it I'm thinking why didn't I buy this program sooner?? No need for more expensive cartridges. This program enables you to cut ANYTHING you want on your cricut using ALL the fonts on your computer and any shape you find on your computer. There are also tonnes of websites and blogs that you can download free shapes from. You must check out scrapping table to purchase your SCAL while it's on sale.  With that sale you get a bunch of free awesome shapes along with it.

Ok onto the project right???

So tonight I used my Cricut and SCAL software to jazz up my baking canisters. I used to have these boring old laminated ones I made years ago...
Pretty dorky right??
Well here are my new vinyl ones....a lot nicer I must say so myself.

Oh and can I just state that I'm not crazy putting the icing sugar wording on the chocolate chip canister. That is actually home to the icing sugar when I buy some for the chocolate chips??? They go in my tummy!!!


  1. Those canisters look great!! I have SCAL & I love it too! It has been so helpful for so many things & much more affordable than cartridges. I've had my program for over a year & don't know how broke I would be without it :)

  2. HOw funny! I just labeled a ton of stuff in my pantry using my cricut program "Make the Cut"! (Pretty much the same thing!) I love it. So many more options! These turned out cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite

  3. I think you are the org inspiration for me to dream of ownership and the software. TFS!
    I love your passion and know I'd love being the proud new owner esp. if the technology has gotten cheaper. :D

    you rock, love your blog & it's decor.

  4. Cute idea - and I love the use of different fonts - so playful!

  5. I just got a Cricut and was looking into Sure Cuts A Lot - I love seeing this (especially since my first Cricut project will be to label my flour, sugar, and other baking canisters!!)


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