Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easy Framed Silhouettes

I've seen sillouettes made all over bloggy world so I decided to make two for myself. One of my little girl and one of my fur baby, Derby. They are super easy to make, they look awesome and would be a wonderful gift for Grandma for Mother's Day next month. Both of Ashtyn's Grandma's received a sillouette for Valentines Day and they loved them.

Here is what you will need

A side profile picture of your subject
A frame...I bought mine at the dollar store
A piece of black cardstock paper
A piece of scrapbook paper of your choice.
Glue or double sided tape
Scissors or scalpal

Here is What you Do

1. Take a side profile picture of you subject(s) and print it in black and white on your computer in the size to fit your frame.

2. Cut out your printed silhouette using scissors or a scapal. I myself preferred using my scissors since they gave me a more accurate cut.

3. Once your silhouette is cut out use it to cut out another one onto black cardstock. This will be your good piece.
4. Now that the hard part is done all you have to do now is adhere your silhouette to a piece of scrapbook paper cut down to your frame insert size.

5. And you're done. Don't forget to put the subjects age somewhere on the frame whether it be the front or the back is up to you. Here's how mine turned out.


  1. Cute! This is one of those things I've seen too but it never occurred to me how exactly to do them (I'm still a beginner with paper crafting). Going to try this out since yours turned out so adorable.

  2. LOVE! Been trying for weeks to get my 5,3 and 6 month old to hold still.. no luck so far! Can't wait to try it out soon (I hope!)

  3. Ooooh cute idea!! Thanks! :)

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    Thanks for considering! I think your readers will really enjoy this too!

  4. Love that you did a Boston profile! I've got 2 Boston's and love the squishy-face side profile! I so want to do these for my 3 boys but I'll be sure to add the "Boston Terrors" to the collection as well! :)

  5. thanks for sharing..
    I really want to make it at home :)
    happy crafting :)


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