Sunday, March 14, 2010


So as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm working on making Ashtyn a felt play house that can either slip over a card table or a PVC frame. We chose to make our own PVC frame since we didn't have a suitable table. Here is what I've done so far on my felt house.

The front entrance. After looking at these pics I realized I need a porch light above the mail box to fill up that space. The 1116 house number comes from Ashtyn's month and date of birth...Nov 16th. I added snaps and ribbon to allow the door to remain up if Ashtyn chooses to once in a while. The mailbox opens and closes with a bit of velcro sewn on. And the lucky little girl already has mail from mommy.

For side number two of the house I made Ashtyn a laundry basket and laundry line. When the house is done I'll work on making her some little felt clothes to be able to "hang out to dry".

For side number three I gave the little felt house a window and a colourful pot of flowers. Oh and look who it is.....Ashtyn's beloved Boston Terrier, Derby. I'm thinking I might sew on a dog bone or dog dish with Derby's name on it and perhaps some little curtains to spruce up the window.

This week I'll be working on the back of the felt house which will be Ashtyn's little garden complete with an apple tree with juicy red apples ready for the pick'n. I can't wait to get this little house done so I can watch my little girl enjoy it. I even made it a little bigger so mommy can snuggle in once in a while.

If your interested in making a felt house then head over to Fireflies and Jellybeans blog where Fawnda is doing a Felt House Along!!


  1. Oh, that is so CUTE! I love the lundry line, your little one is going to LOVE that! : )

    I also like the idea of making it bigger. It gets a little cramped under the card table with mommy there too! : )

  2. It is looking adorable! I love the clothes line idea. I may need to sneek one of those in mine.

  3. I love the laundry line idea! I'll be posting all the info on the fabric sheets I used on mine this week.

  4. I LOVE the clothesline, and the little felt clothes! So cute! I can't wait to see it all done!

  5. Would you share the dimensions of your house? I want to make mine a little larger too, so I can play with grandbaby Holley :O) Nani wants to make a shoe store version :O)


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