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This is probably my best craft project EVER. Usually I make crafts that sit on a shelf or hang on a wall and sure they are great but nothing compared to the joy this will bring my daughter and if I built it well enough maybe her kids too.

So let me just come out and say that I didn't INVENT this idea. Who knows who did....just like who knows who invented Mod Podge tile coasters?? One night I decided to google wooden play kitchens and I came across the pics below. Immediately I knew this was at the top of my to craft list. These adorable pics I found on Ohdeedoh and Flikr jumpstarted this project.

Ok lets get down to details already. I was originally going to make an all in one kitchen like the pictures above. However, I wanted Ashtyn to have a bit more space for her collection of kitchen goodies. I purchased two IKEA RAST night tables, one for the stove and oven and one for the sink, counter and storage space. The RAST is $19.99 in Canada and $14.99 in the US. If your wanting to make it more affordable then just make an all in one kitchen like the pics above.

Also keep in mind that this night table is fairly low. My daughter is just over a year so it will be perfect height for right now. In the future I will add a bottom piece of wood with some taller casters to bring it up even higher for her.
Now the price for the parts of the kitchen can go both ways. If you look for items at second hand shops or the dollar store this can really keep the cost down. You will notice that some people will use real bathroom faucets and depending on if these are purchased new or used can really make a difference. It's your design so you decide what is best for you. I decided to buy new hardware for Ashtyn's kitchen since we had a gift card for Rona.

Here is a break down of what I used

* Two RAST tables from Ikea
* Stainless steel bowl  for sink
* PANNA coasters from Ikea for the burners
* A Plumbing pipe for the faucet found at Home Depot or Rona
* Oven Handle and knobs found at Home Depot or Rona
* Extra piece of wood to make back splash, shelf and oven door also Home Depot or Rona
* IKEA BYGEL Rail , GRUNDTAL S hooks and BYGEL cutlery hanger to hang untensils from

Don't forget the little things in which your hubby or yourself might already have
* Wood glue
* Screws
* Hinges and magnetic catch for the oven door
* Sander or Sandpaper
* Jig saw
* Drill

Here's some pics of my project in process

The oven door with the little window ready to cut

The cuts are made... now for the sanding

The oven door with it's cute little handle and peek in window....perfect for checking on your cupcakes!!
This is my splurge accessory. A cute little spoon handle for Ashtyn's tea towel

The backsplash with shelf and Ikea hanger
Every little girl needs a stainless steel kitchen with a flat top stove...
And a utensil rack..

Here is Ashtyn's play kitchen in it's new home....her bedroom. She absolutely loves it and played with it for an hour this morning. This project was a SUCCESS!!

As Ashtyn gets older I will give her some letter magnets and paper and she can make her own grocery lists.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my favourite craft project...maybe I even inspired you to make your own wooden kitchen. If you've made a wooden kitchen I would love to see your pics.


  1. Precious! I'm impressed at your carpentry! :)

  2. This is so cute. I wish my daughter was still little, but alas she is now a tween. You did a great job, I am going to sent my sister this link.

  3. wow that turned out so cute! Great job.

  4. It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing photos.

  5. This is a great idea! I was just looking for toy kitchens. It never even occured to me to make my own. I love it.

  6. Wow. Absolutely amazing!!!
    You definitely have some skills, my blogging friend!

  7. Your blog is amazing and I'm very impressed with the kitchen! I have given you a Beautiful Blogger Award: I really enjoy your blog!

  8. So fun! I need room first, and then my kids are getting one of these for sure! I love the spoon handle!

  9. Super cute! I think every kid needs a play kitchen!

  10. I LoVe this!! It turned out Sooo CuTe!! I featured it on my blog: the CrEaTiVe Crate!! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. This is amazing! Your kids will have so much fun playing with it too. Good for you building this! So fabulous!

  12. You did a great job!!!This is fantastic!!! I know what we're doing for my little girl:) I Love you blog!!!

  13. AMAZING! I love it! I really really want to make one of these someday! I love yours!

  14. That is amazing! Awesome! Inspiring! I can't believe you did that all on your own. It looks like a million bucks. Good job!

  15. Great job! You should submit this to Ikea Hacker!

  16. You are the best mom ever for making this! ;) It is so amazing! Makes me want to throw our plastic one in the trash. Right. Now.

  17. Hey! I just gave you a few awards over on my blog! Enjoy!

  18. Thank you so much for linking up with the Talented Tuesday link party at My Frugal Family, which is hosted every Tuesday. Please feel free to stop back in every week and post your newest projects!

  19. That is amazing! I love IKEA and all of the things you can do with their simple furniture and accessories.

  20. I'm featuring you tomorrow, feel free to stop by and grab an "I Was Featured" button. I just can't get over how cute that kitchen set is!

  21. Hi. I just came over from the Penny Pinching party. Wow! This looks wonderful! I'm very impressed. I loved my toy kitchen when I was little, but it was nothing like this!

    Please stop by this week for my first Friday Favorites party. Each week I'll be picking a few of the linked up posts to feature the next week, and I'd love to feature this.

  22. That kitchen is just adorable! Great job! And how cute is she playing with it. So sweet!

    Thanks for linking this up. I love it!


  23. Thank you for sharing your awesome project at Thursday’s Treasures last week! Come share your crafty projects in this week’s Thursday’s Treasures too!

  24. Hello,

    I hope you don't mind that I am sharing your blog today on my blog, Inkcicles. I am including a link to your blog and your blog banner in my post. I love the inspiration and projects!

    If it's not okay please let me know and I'll edit my post.

    I'm so happy to have come across your site.



  25. I had no idea so many people had built kitchens with these shelves! I have the same ones, just waiting to be come a kitchen. I can't wait to get started now! :)

  26. oh how I love this... I keep hearing rumors that we're getting an ikea in denver, but so far to no avail. you did such a great job with your tables!
    we have a friday fun find party- we'd love it if you'd link up tomorrow! :)

  27. I sooooooo love this!! Maybe I can try for my 9 month old for next Christmas!

  28. That is adorable! I did a similar project here.

  29. love this, i was looking for ideas of how to make a toy kitchen and found this. This has given ,e lots of ideas. thanks


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