Saturday, February 27, 2010

Felt Play House Along

So I'm sure most of you have seen these, drooled over these, or have been tempted but intimidated to make one of these. They are card table felt play houses and they are ADORABLE.

I originally saw this idea when my daughter was first born and can I admit it was the furthest thing on my to craft list. Now that my daughter is almost a year and a half she is starting to love cozy little spaces. And lets face it my makeshift fort in the living room is just not cutting it. 

They are designed to slip right over your kitchen table or other table you may have in your house to make an instant play space for your children. Don't worry if you don't have a table that would work for can also build an instant frame using PVC pipe. This also makes it transportable to the backyard or to Grandma's house. 

For those of you wanting to purchase a lovely felt play house then look no further than Imaginative Play Toys. Here are some of my favourites.

So you're not really into spending the big bucks, you can sew a straight line and you want to make something your children will LOVE then head on over to Fireflies and Jellybean Blog where they are doing a

It's a five week process walking you through the steps to make a felt playhouse. The best part is you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want....I've seen felt houses with removable parts on the outside such as fruit for the tree and veggies for the garden. This is the closest I'm ever going to get to picking the colours for a house being built...tee hee. 

Next weekend I'm heading to the US to hit up a Joann's for some affordable felt and then I'm getting down to business. I'll be sure to post pics as I go along...if all goes well. 
 I sure hope you will join in on the fun!!

Here's some other great felt play houses to get your creative juices flowing and to inspire you!!


  1. They are adorable! I just need a new baby though because I think my husband would think I was nuts-o if I made one for my ten year old. He would probably love it though :)

  2. I LOVE these houses! I think they are so adorable! Maybe when I make it to JoAnnes I will be able to get some felt to use! (although I won't be able to do it along with you, since JoAnnes is a very long ways away for me!)

  3. These are all lovely! I bet my kids would love it. Thanks.

  4. so whats the skeleton base>? these are awesome


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