Friday, January 8, 2010

BLOGGING AND LATTES...Those are a few of my favourite things!

Every morning my daughter and I share giggles at the kitchen table while eating our cheerios. She drinks her milk from her sippy cup and I drink my homemade non fat caramel latte in my uber cool mug. My husband knows how much I love my coffees each morning and the passion I have for my blog so he did a brilliant thing and made me this wonderful coffee mug with my blogs logo on it. I absolutely love it and it makes my lattes even more special.


  1. Wasn't that the sweetest thing!?! How precious. I would love it if my husband would put the seat down. You lucky girl, you. ;)

  2. This is the sweetest gift everrrrr! I love it and your blog makes me so happy. I always think it and realized I should probably say it.

  3. That is sooo cute! Following you from MBC


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