Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TIPS FOR TOTS TUESDAYS...due to launch Dec. 8th

So I was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep when I had visions of blog ideas running through my head. (hey that kind of sounded like a line from 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'). Then it came to me, why don't I start a weekly post called Tips for Tots Tuesdays,where I can share a song, activity, or craft idea to be used with little ones. Before I had my daughter and became a SAHM I worked as a preschool teacher based out of an Elementary school. During those years I accumulated a lot of stuff, and I mean a lot. Lets just say that probably a quarter of my basement is housing colourful rubbermaid bins labelled Halloween, Family, Zoo Animals etc etc. They are filled with songs, craft ideas, felt stories and other things to keep active young minds fresh and stimulated. Instead of sitting in bins I should be going through them and sharing them. If I can't teach in person I may as well share what I know on my blog for others to use. In turn I would also love if people could leave me comments of activities they have done with their little ones in the past. I know that someday I'll be going back to do what I love to do. In the meantime I have the wonderful opportunity of enjoying my own child at home. So stay tuned for Tips for Tots Tuesdays starting a week from today.


  1. I found you via The Mom Blogs. What a great blog. I love the Tuesday for Tots idea. I have a Kinder Kid and a preschooler. Always need more ideas. If you ever get a chance check me out at http://christyandtheboys.blogspot.com. xoC

  2. That's such a great idea. I'll def be a regular! Cute blog. Did April do your header? Very chic. ;)

    Ck out me, too: http://hissyfitsandhalos.blogspot.com/
    I'm off to read ^^hers^^.


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